Wednesday, July 1, 2009

3 products - an eye hospital, a building group and next generation sound solutions.
Among these, the eye hospital was my first project and it was a big letdown. My work got duly rejected, cause as the boss put it the target audience in trichur needed everything to be spelled out. So dont be shocked if you see sanity questioning advertisements involving a blind man trying to cross the street - mocked by todays youth - feeling of symapathy towards the blind guy - lets to to the eye hospital kind of ads.
Next gen solution products - my first fray into celebrity ads. Celebtrity none other than Resul Pookutty, who was genuinely shocked and pleased with the quality of the product. Really enjoyed working on this and the boss is in Mumbai, selling the ad to the client. Not the usual wish karo - dish karo - maar daalo ad but of a different mould. It is a really good product, whatever happens, I hope they do succeed and I hopefully get a chance to meet Resul, although that is really really doubtful.
Budget apartments, not my cup of tea, but have done the print ads and the hoardings. Seen the final copy and it is better than 80% of the stuff you see here in Kerala, but I feel a lot more could have been done. Maybe I could make up for it in the TV ad. The clients, apparently need an ad with no actors in it. Smart, since they have probably realised that bad actors ruin good ads. Or they dont have a budget. Either way, pretty interesting.
I took a sneak peek at the final copies which were for the client presentation, and it has around 75% of my work. Hopefully I dont get stuck in copywriting.

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